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Tropics heating up.

August, September, & October are the busiest months of

Hurricane Season.

The tropics turn far more active in August when nearly the entire Atlantic Basin becomes available for tropical development, including the so-called Main Development Region between Africa and the Lesser Antilles. .

The Gulf of Mexico & South Florida continue to be a breeding ground for tropical storms and hurricanes in August as well.

September is the most active month of the Atlantic hurricane season and when most hurricanes occur. More real estate is available for tropical development in September than any other month, so it's no surprise that hurricane season peaks on Sept. 10.

South Florida is the biggest target during these months, another hot spot for tropical storms and hurricanes to form is the Gulf of Mexico, particularly the northern Gulf of Mexico to the south of Louisiana and Mississippi, as water temperatures in the Gulf reach the highest levels of the year.

Be prepared, there is still time to get protection for this season. Contact us ASAP if you need help getting your home covered for the heart of this storm season.

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