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Our Hurricane Fabric has nearly twice the strength as other fabrics developed by other companies, with a burst strength of well over 1,500 lbs.  Astroguard has been tested to the Australian “Large Missile Impact Test” vs U.S. standards, Astroguard is approved for Miami-Dade and Broward counties.  Our resin-coated hybrid fabric can prevent the rapid pressurization of the home, this rapid pressurization it's what causes the roofs to lift off and cause a terrible damage to your property or someone else. Our fabric is also light making it easy to handle in the middle of an emergency and makes for speedy deployments. 


  • Blocks high Wind and Rain

  • Category 5 Wind  Tested

  • Protects Against Wind-Borne Debris

  • UV Resistant and Translucent

  • Rapid Deployment and Lightweight to handle

  • Compact for Easy Storage

Made of a high-tenacity nylon hybrid fabric coated with UV resistant resin for extra protection. The result is a highly efficient protection system that can resist high winds, flying objects and water intrusion, headed to your property with hurricanes.  

Astroguard protects your property from the strongest of storms & our hurricane fabric easily out ranks other types of protection like roll downs, metal panels, and of course last minute plywood. 


AstroGuard can prevent you from buying expensive impact windows also, which at some point your insurance won't cover if they aren't completely destroyed.  Or can be used over impact windows to prevent an insurance claim after a storm because of damaged windows.

Astroguard Hurricane Fabric


With our Hurricane Fabrics you will never have to carry or lift heavy metal panels with sharp edges ever again, and we make it easy for you to deploy on a last minute notice.  

You can fold panels into their own storage bags and store them in a small place, since they take very little room. 

Our fabric shutters provide protection from pressurization of the house. 

When a window or door is cracked by air from a hurricane or the flying objects, they cause pressurization. Which can cause the roof to fly off the building, bringing objects into your house & making it unsafe. Astroguard helps keep you & the house to be safe, since it can cover all openings including: sliding doors, garage doors, and other openings of the house by blocking the wind and objects thrown by a storm.

AstroGuard is suitable for commercial and residential use and is ideal for odd sized openings.

Our system will never leave you in the dark, since its translucent & let's light inside the property. 

Unlike other traditional shutters which will block incoming light, leaving you in the dark.

AstroGuard has also passed the Florida Building code approval #17661. 

It is also approved for Miami-Dade and Broward County.


With the purchase of Astroguard you'll also get a 10-year warranty. 

Misinterpretations About Hurricane Protection Systems

Storm shutters are a crucial topic if you are planning to equip your house for hurricane safety.

 It is true that sometimes there are some wrong ideas about hurricane protection screens or wind abatement systems, which are generally chosen to just board up windows. 

The point we want to make is that there are too many dangers that come out of a hurricane to just underestimate it by hoping that the protection chosen will stand up to 100+ mph winds and water. If you want to be a safe place, I will tackle some hurricane safety wind abatement systems and storm shutter misconceptions and clear them up.


Misinterpretations :

  • A wind abatement system does not fit in my house. It’s true that there are some wind abatement systems that cannot be customized unless you pay a fortune for it. However, there are some that can suit any building. If you are referring to a fabric hurricane protection system, you won’t need to worry about customized crannies or nooks.

  • You are shut up. Some wind abatement systems and hurricane shutter systems can make you feel like you’re in a cave, but nowadays, you can find interwoven fabric shutters that allow you to see through. This is a much friendlier option to metal hurricane shutters, which  looks definitely as if you were trapped inside. What’s more, you can open doors much more easily since the pressure of hurricane screens has been reduced. 

  • Fabric shutters and wind abatement systems are not safe enough. Well, in fact, the most experienced engineers have worked on fabric hurricane protection systems to make them corrosion-resistant. An advantage of them is that you don’t need to replace them after a storm. Actually, efficient wind abatement systems and hurricane shutters divert debris, leaving your house without any damage. Besides, hurricane protection can be added to patios, walkaways, balconies, courtyards and overhangs. 

  • The wind abatement systems are complicated to handle. Engineers have been working a lot to deliver a lightweight, flexible fabric material product.That’s why you can find the product comes at less than 1 oz. per square foot. In contrast to metal hurricane shutters, this system can be deployed in minutes, which means it is lighter and less complicated to manage. In fact, the product is so easy to deploy that at the first sign of a hurricane, it can be delivered in a few minutes.

Any Question?

Find Out The Beauty and Strength of Hurricane Fabric Hurricane Protection

Here are some benefits:


  • Made up of a strong and flexible fabric that can be easily in places where traditional shutters simply cannot be used.

  • 39% stronger fabric than any other type of fabrics on the market, offering a unique fabric unmatched hurricane protection.

  • 100% U.V. resistant, which is a major benefit giving the fact that your hurricane protection cannot be hidden from harsh sun exposure.

  • Translucent  fabric with full hurricane protection in place. You will be able to see through your window now!

  • Easy and inexpensive installation process. To get this the sewn seam of hurricane fabric was removed.

  • Fabric rated as High Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved. This guarantees that the fabric can be used in many locations that are likely to suffer great dangers from injuries, or damage as a result of heavy storms. 

  • The fabric weighs less than 1/10 of an equivalent aluminum panel. This will allow you to store the fabric easily and quickly when needed. 

  • Easy handling and deploying for one person.

  • Available in many colors such as white, black, and tan. It can be folded and stored without any difficulties in small storage areas.

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