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Total Hurricane Shutters offer the latest protection, performance, durability & the strongest construction in the industry. We focus on setting quality standards in the market and manufacturing great, long-lasting products.  


You can have a great variety of materials, colors, styles and designs to choose from. Our products are well-balanced between visual attraction and functionality.  


Besides, we offer the latest home security systems that exceed UL test standards. For example, if a five-pound steel ball is dropped from a 40 ft height, it won’t penetrate our screens.


UV protection is another benefit of our products. Our screens filter out 99% of harmful UV rays and noises can be reduced up to 34%.


Our products are smartly designed, using the latest technology and focusing on details. This explains why we are the most popular manufacturers since 1960 for designers, architects, contractors and remodelers.


Our products are heavy duty, energy efficient, beautifully crafted and meet or exceed the following codes:


Total Hurricane Shutters makes sure that our products are energy efficient, heavy duty, well-crafted and meet the following codes:


  • South Florida Missile Impact Code

  • FBC 2014 Energy Code

  • AAMA 1302.5 Forced Entry Code

  • Miami-Dade County NOA


FBC Building Codes for up to 5 story residential construction


Our company has been manufacturing high-quality products in the USA since 1960. Experienced artisans help us to deliver creative designs and attractive styles, which complement the most popular architectural designs. 


Total Hurricane Shutters is the most accurate option for you if you’re looking for energy-efficient doors and windows, modern weather protection, innovative technology, durability and safety. In addition, we offer outstanding appearances, elegant looks, air or water penetration defense and customized configurations. 




Generally, mullions are used in openings that have multiple type and/or size of fenestration product, that, when joined, must form a structural system meant to withstand certain design pressure. Total Hurricane Shutters provides third party certification of its mullion’s when used with many products, keyed to mull not only type, but also, length and design pressure. By offering this, professionals, such as architects, will be able to work with an easier and more reliable source of information. Get in contact with us to learn more about with or without steel reinforcing aluminum mullions.

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