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Defender Screens is our new hurricane protection technology that uses special screens designed to withstand wind, rain and debris. 

Protection & Elegant Looking


Defender Screening can be used on any building that is in need of hurricane protection and is made from the same high-quality fiber as our traditional Defender Screening.

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  • Unmatched In Strength System. 

  • Durable Vinyl That Protects Against Severe Hurricanes, Insects.

  • Solar Rays And Offers Maximum Outdoor Privacy.

  • Structure From Category Five Hurricane.

  • Can Be Controlled Via Remote, Smartphone Or Home Automation System.

The Reasons High-End Homeowners Prefer Defender Screens

The Ultimate Hurricane Protection Screens

Defender Screens, the ultimate hurricane protection screens. Defender Screens use a blend of high-tenacity PET and Aramid core yarns encapsulated with a durable vinyl that protects against severe hurricanes, insects, solar rays and offers maximum outdoor privacy. It also prevents your structure from category five hurricane winds that exceed 156 mph with any heavy, flying debris. Defender Screens have a 10-year warranty.

defender screen for hurricanes west palm beach

Exclusive Reinforcement Channel

Defender Screens is the only system on the market that uses a specially engineered roller and weight bar system that is unmatched in strength, rigidity and durability. Our Defender Hurricane Screen System uses MagnaTrack™ technology that is integrated with an exclusive reinforcement channel; this is the only system in the world that uses magnetic fields to dampen the impact of wind loads and flying debris while maintaining a flat and uniform screen surface appearance when deployed.

defender screen high impact material

Best Impact Absorption, Delivered By Our Magnatrack Technology And Controlled Remotely

Defender Screens are engineered for the best impact absorption, delivered by our MagnaTrack technology. Because we understand that every situation is different, all Defender Screens may be controlled via remote, smartphone or home automation system. In addition, all Defender Screens are available for use with fixed controls as well.

defender screen hurrican season automated system

Defender Screens Can Be Used 7 Days A Week And 365 Days A Year

​Defender Hurricane Screen systems exceed the performance criteria of the following standards, with spans of up to 30 feet:

  • ​​TAS 201, 201, 203, 203-94

  • ASTM E330, E1886 & E1996

  • Florida Product Approval: #FL30798

  • Design Pressure up to +/- 200 PSF

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