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Hurricane Window Protection

Hurricane Fabric

AstroGuard is our licensed hurricane fabric shield. After having observed certain situations for years, such as storm patterns, hurricane ruins, and ways in which other hurricane protective barriers were not enough,we have created the revolutionary AstroGuard, which is efficient and affordable at the same time.


Fabric Hurricane Shutters


When we designed the AstroGuard Hurricane Protection system, we concentrated on the future while we were creating the safest system in today’s world. Our clip design was invented to be opened to accept replacement screens or new improvements to our system.

The clip is the most expensive part of our system, apart from the fabric. The reason for this is the wall anchoring system that the clip implies and  its installation. AstroGuard hurricane fabric installation should not require a lot of effort as AstroGuards’s Patented clip system offers the possibility to be opened back up to accept any replacement screen without problem so nobody gets damaged.

It is important to highlight that all hurricane manufacturers systems need to be completely reinstalled- Pretty Smart. Installing Astroguard becomes an easy task thanks to its smart design.

Hurricane Protection System


AstroGuard is made with really strong and tough nylon hybrid fabric covered with a UV resistant resin. As a result, we get a hurricane protection system that can stand water, wind and flying debris in excess of the Category 5 hurricane level. Astroguard outranks metal panels, accordions, roll downs, and any other hurricane fabrics. We offer the best and strongest hurricane screens.

Astroguard hurricane fabric has been a breakthrough in hurricane protection screens as it can stop significant impacts, even under strong winds. It is the only system that can diminish impacts and large missiles when hurricane screens are wind-loaded, especially on corners. The reason for this is the hurricane protection material AstroGuard is made of.


AstroGuard is easy to deploy at storm time as it weighs very few ounces per square yard.. It  can also be  folded up tidily into its own storage bags, taking up very little space in a storage unit, attic or even a garage. With AstroGuard, forget to wrestle weighty, sharp metal panels again! However, the best feature about AstroGuard is that you don't need to look at your hurricane protection all the time; we are there 24/7. If you care about your house’s look, don't spoil it by getting unaesthetic hurricane protection systems.


You might think that AstroGuard can be expensive as it has many advantages, but, in fact, superior manufacturing technology makes it really affordable. It is true that AstroGuard is a more expensive and stronger fabric than the one our competitors offer; nevertheless, we can deliver our product to our best customers for less.

As AstroGuard is lightweight, it can be easily managed as it only takes 11 ounces per square yard. If there is a chance you or your handyman has ever lifted plywoods or metal panels, then you will understand the importance of this characteristic. In fact, an interesting fact is that when a storm is coming, our AstroGuard customers deploy their hurricane protection while some of their neighbors with traditional old-fashioned shutters would rather risk damages than installing a hurricane fabric.


When a window or door is blown in pressurizing the home during a hurricane can be considered one of the most catastrophic damages. This pressurization can even take the roof right off of your house. So, what we need to focus on is prevention, in fact, “full envelope protection”. Astroguard offers full envelope protections as it covers all vulnerable openings easily and effectively. Even in those cases when the window glass breaks, our product can still prevent pressurization by deflecting the wind.


Thanks to its flexibility, AstroGuard stops flying debris and projectiles more efficiently than any other form of hurricane protection.  The main difference with solid hurricane shutters is that they can fail when impacted, and in those cases when they are damaged, you will need to purchase a new shutter. AstroGuard is so resistant that it can stop debris and will keep stopping them again and again to maintain the full envelope protection of your home.


AstroGuard can be installed in residential and commercial use. See our Photo Gallery to view our installations.

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