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Accordion Hurricane Shutters

What are Accordion Hurricane Shutters?

Accordion Shutters are a popular choice for storm protection in Florida. They are simple yet highly effective and offer numerous benefits. These shutters can withstand category 5 winds, protect against flying debris, and prevent theft and forced entry. Additionally, they reduce noise and provide privacy.

hurricane shutters accordion

Accordion shutters are made of durable aluminum and feature interlocking blades that form a protective wall. They move horizontally along upper and lower tracks and can cover large areas. When not in use, they can be folded away, allowing for an unobstructed view. For larger spaces, there is an option for a center opening, which allows one-half of the shutter to move toward the left. They can be easily closed, locked, and secured from both the inside and outside, ensuring the safety of your home.

These shutters are permanently installed to provide year-round protection. They fold back compactly, similar to a louvered door, and come in one or two pieces. Installation is done beside windows and doors, as well as on balconies and large patio openings. Accordion shutters are convenient and can be closed within minutes. They offer increased security and protection due to their ability to lock from the inside or outside. It is recommended to clean and lubricate them annually to maintain their performance.

Accordion shutters are known for their strength and are considered one of the most durable options available.

How Do Accordions Shutters Work?

Unlike other options like storm panels, these shutters do not need to be installed and uninstalled for each storm. Instead, you only need to deploy them, meaning you close them over your windows, doors, and other openings where they are installed.

Deploying accordion shutters is a quick and easy process. They have slats with hinges/joints in between, allowing you to simply slide them open or closed. When open, the slats tuck away neatly on the side, minimizing their appearance on the exterior of your home.

This convenience saves you time, effort, and expense in preparing your home for a storm. When a storm is approaching, you can easily deploy your accordion shutters for immediate protection.

Are hurricane shutters worth it?

Yes, hurricane shutters are definitely worth it for those living in hurricane zones. They offer superior protection for windows compared to using plywood. Additionally, they come in various styles and materials that not only provide functionality but also enhance the aesthetics of your home. When searching for the best hurricane shutters, homeowners should consider factors like style, function, and material to ensure they choose the most suitable option for their needs.

how to close accordion hurricane shutters

Benefits of Installing Hurricane Shutters in Florida

Florida's charming climate and sunny beaches attract residents and tourists alike, but the looming threat of hurricanes necessitates proactive home protection measures. Here are compelling reasons why every Floridian should prioritize the installation of hurricane shutters:

Superior Protection against High Winds and Debris

Hurricane shutters are designed to withstand the destructive force of hurricane winds and flying debris. By acting as a protective barrier for your windows and doors, these shutters safeguard your home from potential damage caused by projectiles flung by powerful storms.

Enhanced Security with Versatile Shutter Options

Insurance Premium Savings

Year-Round Protection from Tropical Storms

Preservation of Home Integrity and Value

Explore Cost-Saving Benefits of Hurricane Shutters for Homeowners

Homeowners in Florida can benefit from lower insurance premiums by installing hurricane shutters to protect their properties against windstorms. According to Florida state law, insurers must provide homeowners discounts for taking protective measures against wind damage. The wind mitigation credits apply for five years of the homeowner's policy.

As of October 2023, the average cost of Florida home insurance is $4,218 with a hurricane deductible and $2,246 without, according to NerdWallet. With over 30 insurance providers leaving the state since 2020, homeowners need to seek cost-saving measures. The availability and amount of discounts vary by insurer but may reach 15% or more for homes located in wind-prone areas. It's best to check with your insurance agency and visit their website to learn more about available discounts.

To conclude, installing hurricane shutters not only offers critical protection against windstorms but also presents an excellent opportunity to save on insurance premiums. Protect your home and wallet by investing in hurricane shutters today.

how to lubricate hurricane accordion shutters

Efficient Performance and Easy Maintenance for Your Hurricane Shutters

how to fix accordion hurricane shutters

Did you know that hurricane shutters require minimal maintenance while providing exceptional hurricane protection? Homeowners can keep their shutters in great shape by cleaning them once a year to clear away any debris or leaves. There's no need for expensive or harsh cleaning solutions – simply use warm water and a gentle soap to scrub, followed by a cold water rinse from a bucket (avoid pressure washers). Afterward, allow the shutters to air dry naturally. For smooth operation, apply an approved silicone spray lubricant. If you encounter any issues such as incomplete closure, track misalignment, or visible damage, reach out to professional repair assistance.

Investing in hurricane shutters not only delivers high-performance protection, but it also offers the convenience of low maintenance. By following these simple maintenance steps, you can ensure your shutters remain in optimal condition, ready to safeguard your home against hurricanes.

Enhanced Durability and Personalization with Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters offer durable and custom protection against multiple storms, surpassing the efficacy of traditional methods like plywood and nails. Unlike the time-consuming process of manually boarding up windows, hurricane shutters are easy to operate and pose no risk of structural damage to your home. Designed to meet your specific needs, these shutters can be customized with various colors and slat styles, spanning up to 24 feet. By choosing hurricane shutters, you can seamlessly blend protection with style, enhancing your home's aesthetic appeal while safeguarding against the elements.

Defense Against Flying Debris

clear accordion hurricane shutters

Even a Category 1 hurricane with sustained winds of 75 to 95 MPH can pose significant risks, including blowing out unprotected windows. This can lead to the dangerous projection of debris such as lawn items and building materials, potentially causing damage and injury. Accordion hurricane shutters act as a sturdy barrier, providing reliable protection for you and your family against flying objects during severe weather events.

Tornado Protection

how much do hurricane accordion shutters cost

In addition to hurricane safety, homeowners benefit from accordion hurricane shutters' dual functionality, offering protection against tornadoes. Florida has a high frequency of tornadoes, particularly along the coast between Tampa Bay and Fort Myers. Prompt action is crucial in tornado situations, as preparation time can be limited once NOAA issues a Tornado Watch or Warning. By installing hurricane shutters, you can swiftly secure your windows, mitigating damage and ensuring the safety of your home in the event of a tornado.

Benefits of Accordion Shutter Patio Enclosures

Enclosing your patio with accordion shutters presents several benefits. During storms, you can conveniently store your patio furniture, plants, and other outdoor items inside the enclosed area instead of bringing them inside your house or garage. Compared to other hurricane shutter installations, recess track patio enclosures are quicker and easier to close. Furthermore, patio enclosures can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, as they do not require installation on or around your windows and doors.

If you have concrete floors in your backyard, installing a patio enclosure is cost-effective. On the other hand, the preparation process for installing patio enclosures on non-concrete flooring usually takes three days.

There are three types of track systems for patio enclosures, including removable tracks that can be stored in your garage. However, using removable tracks repeatedly can lead to anchors stripping, which can reduce the shutter's effectiveness.

how much do accordion hurricane shutters cost

Enhancing Property Security

Home burglaries pose a significant threat to property owners, resulting in an estimated $3 billion in losses in the United States. To address this concern, accordion shutters not only provide storm protection but also enhance the security of your property.

Statistics from 2019 highlight the severity of the issue, with an average loss of $2,661 per offense. These numbers emphasize the need for robust security measures to safeguard your home.

Accordion shutters are specifically designed to withstand severe weather conditions and act as a deterrent to potential intruders. Their strong construction and reliable locking mechanisms offer an additional layer of defense, providing peace of mind, particularly when you are away from home for extended periods. Invest in accordion shutters to enhance the security and protection of your property.

how much are hurricane accordion shutters

Do I need hurricane shutters if I have impact windows?

If you have impact hurricane windows and doors, you do not need to install hurricane shutters. Impact windows provide protection from hurricanes.

Likewise, having double protection gives your home more security. Since Accordion Shutters have other benefits(Security, privacy, etc.).

hurricane accordion shutters cost

Accordion hurricane shutters are a type of permanent window protection that is slightly less expensive, with prices ranging from $15 to $25 per square foot of window space. Generally made of metal, they are kept in a metal box connected to the side of a window. When necessary, they can be easily extended to the other side of the window, resembling the expansion and contraction movement of an accordion, hence the name.

hurricane shutters accordion

After Installing Accordion Shutters

In Florida, where protecting your home from inclement weather is essential, accordion shutters offer excellent peace of mind as the next hurricane season approaches.

Now, let's dive into what you should do immediately after installing your new shutters.

Familiarize yourself with the accordion shutter mechanism.

There is nothing more stressful than receiving a hurricane warning on your phone and realizing your accordion shutters are stuck or that you don't know how to close them properly. We strongly advise all our customers who have installed accordion shutters to conduct a dry run of deploying their hurricane protection within the first week. Here's why:

Early identification of material or shutter quality issues

If anything goes wrong during the test run, you can promptly seek help from the manufacturer. Waiting until an actual emergency to test-deploy your shutters might complicate or even make it impossible to get assistance before a storm hits.

Common issues to look out for during installation include:

  • Improperly keyed shutters (key doesn't work)

  • Obstructed or under-lubricated tracks (shutter doesn't close fully)

  • Stuck locks

Get comfortable with opening and closing your shutters

Review your warranty

Create a maintenance plan for your shutters

Develop a deployment plan for hurricane protection

how much are accordion hurricane shutters

Can You Paint Accordion Hurricane Shutters?

Steel storm panels are available in white and cannot be painted after installation. Fabric is also only available in white. However, your permanently mounted shutters, including accordion, bahama, hinged colonial, and roll-down shutters, come with a stunning powder coat paint finish from the factory.

how do accordion hurricane shutters work


What is the best lubricant for accordion shutters?

To effectively lubricate the mechanical components of accordion shutters, opt for a dry silicone spray like Dura-Wax or similar oil-free products.

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