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Hurricane Shutters in Miami

Living in Miami, the vibrant city of sunshine and picturesque beaches.

But with the beauty also comes the risk of hurricanes. Protect your property and loved ones with reliable hurricane shutters.

Secure your home or business in Miami with hurricane shutters that provide the ultimate protection against destructive storms.

Get a free quote today and invest in peace of mind.

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Miami-Dade County Approved Hurricane Shutters

When it comes to choosing hurricane shutters, it's important to ensure they meet the stringent standards set by Miami-Dade County.


Our hurricane shutters are Miami-Dade County approved, guaranteeing that they have been tested and certified for their ability to withstand hurricane force winds and impacts.

By choosing our Miami-Dade County approved hurricane shutters, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have invested in the highest level of safety and protection for your property.


Don't compromise on quality – trust in our approved hurricane shutters to shield your home or business from the destructive forces of nature.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters in Miami

Looking for hurricane shutters that are both effective and easy to use? Consider our accordion hurricane shutters.


These shutters offer simplicity at its best, seamlessly blending into the architecture of your property. When a hurricane warning is issued, you can effortlessly close the accordion shutters, providing an instant layer of protection.


Our accordion shutters are made from durable materials that can withstand strong winds, flying objects, and heavy rainfall. With a smooth gliding operation, they are convenient to open and close, allowing for quick and hassle-free hurricane preparedness.

Hurricane Shutters Miami Fl

Miami is known for its tropical climate, but it's also prone to hurricanes. Don't leave your property vulnerable to the fierce winds and torrential rains that hurricanes bring. Our hurricane shutters are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions and protect your windows and doors.

With our high-quality hurricane shutters, you can trust that your property and loved ones are safe during hurricane season. The sturdy construction and reinforced materials provide a barrier against flying debris, preventing potential damage and ensuring the structural integrity of your home or business.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our hurricane shutters can safeguard your Miami property. Don't wait until it's too late – be prepared, be protected, and invest in hurricane shutters that you can rely on.

  • Do you offer payment options?
    Yes! We accept all major credit cards & offer customer financing through Acorn Finance.
  • Astroflex and Astroguard: Which is the main difference between them?
    Astroflex(hurricane screen) is a specially created polypropylene fabric, with a strengthened sewn edge border. One advantage is that it is not dark, in fact, it is semi-transparent which allows you to see outside during a storm or power outage. It might also be used throughout the year to control breeze or shades. This is our genuine "hurricane fabric". It is a magnificent option outside of HVHZ or to be used as secondary protection. The installtion of Astroflex is approximately $11sf installed price. On the other hand, Astroguard (hurricane fabric) is a resin coated ballistic nylon fabric with an edge sealed using heat. It is not transparent, but translucent. Astroguard has a greater impact than Astroflex. Astroguard is the leading hurricane fabric in the industry. The installtion of Astroguard is approximately $12sf installed price.
  • Will my homeowners’ insurance company accept it?
    Astroguard as well as Astroflex are rated as A+ products and have ALL insurance carriers. ASTROGUARD surpasses all International Building Code, Florida Building Code & Miami Dade conditions. As a matter of fact, Astroguard has recently become the 1st American Made Hurricane Protection System to obtain approval in Australia- where testing standards are harsher. ASTROFLEX complies with IBC & FL Building Code conditions & is Category 5 approved to be installed anywhere in the world OTHER THAN DADE & BROWARD COUNTY in Florida. We love helping our clients to accomplish their wind mitigation discounts by covering entry doors, garage doors, whole houses, or surrounding entire patios for the latest in protection and accessibility.
  • Is hardware included in the fabric or is it extra?
    Yes, our DIY pricing includes all tools needed for installation. Our price is the sum of custom cut fabric & attachment clips (calculated based on 10"-12” on center spacing on 2 sides), anchors & screws. Approx. $7/sf.
  • How do I know if Hurricane Fabric has been approved in my location?
    Astroguard is Category 5 rated and meets the standards to be installed anywhere in the world. Astroguard is the best rated and tested hurricane fabric on the market right now. On the contrary, Astroflex is CAT5 authorized everywhere other than Dade & Broward County, but can be used there as secondary protection.
  • Once my order is issued, how long does it take to receive the product?"
    Usually, orders ship within 2 weeks after receiving payment.
  • Is it necessary to cut the product to make it fit?
    Every order placed through us is tailored to your specification; In fact, custom arch & geometric cuts are free of charge. We can build specifically for unusual shaped windows such as bay and atrium windows. This product is also a great option for customized front doors which can be very costly to fix or replace.
  • How does hurricane fabric compare with Metal Panels?
    The weight of metal shutters and their sharp edges, make installation and deployment a headache for owners. Besides, it is highly risky to install this product on higher floors or when a storm is approaching and winds speeds increase. Impact and wind rating meet the standards on newer panels; nevertheless, the protection level is not as high as other products on the market at comparable cost (less than 1/2 of Astroguard’s impact rating). Metal panels are also heavy and not really easy to manage, and bring out storage issues as well. The installation of metal shutters costs approximately $11/sf.
  • How does hurricane fabric compare with Accordion Shutters?
    This kind of shutter is more accurate for those customers who need a rapid deployment as the shutter is permanently attached to the structure. It may also be safer as many accordion shutters can be locked with a key, and can prevent thefts. The cost of it is approximately $18.00 per square foot.
  • How does hurricane fabric compare with Impact rated windows and doors?
    Impact glass is intended to withstand impacts. So, if the glass cracks, the fragments will stick to the interlayer and the shards will remain within the frame. Windows which are made of impact glass comply with the Nation’s harshest building codes. According to these codes, windows must resist a nine-pound 2x4 traveling at 50 feet per second (34 miles per hour). On the contrary, Astroguard impact tests at more than double this rate, even on more difficult tests to pass.Even though the most expensive hurricane protection option is the most practical one for commercial structures, it is often the most unobtainable for most homeowners. It is claimed that with impact glass, there is no need for adding hurricane shutters. Nevertheless,the Miami Herald reports that even highly resistant glass can be penetrated by fast projectiles, so, the best combination, if possible, would be impact-resistant glass and shutters. We do not only offer swapping out entry doors to impact rated ones if requested, but also impact windows. The cost is around $60 sf. We provide impact/hurricane screens to protect your costly impact windows & doors. Besides, we help reduce your probability of having to file an insurance claim whenever a storm damages your impact windows. The price for single-glazed impact glass is $55/sq. Ft and for double-glazed glass $70/sq. ft.
  • How does hurricane fabric compare with Window Film?
    “The Florida Building Commission has not approved window film as a form of hurricane protection; therefore, it cannot be advertised as offering hurricane protection.” Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi claims. Therefore, it has been shown that window film is not effective as a measure for storm protection. We deliver our job in two weeks and we will work with you to meet insurance deadlines if required. As always, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
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