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Hurricane Window Screen

Updated: Apr 28

What are Hurricane Windows Screen?

Hurricane screens are protective sheets of material designed to safeguard the most vulnerable parts of your property, namely the openings like windows and doors. If these openings are pierced or broken by airborne debris, the entire structure is placed at risk. Once debris enters your home, it alters the air pressure rapidly and significantly, potentially leading to the roof being partially or completely ripped off. In essence, debris acts as projectiles aimed directly at your home.

The potential damage caused by debris is devastating. Hurricane screens, which are made from various materials and can be customized to suit your home's needs, provide essential protection. They also benefit open areas around your home, such as patios, as well as commercial properties like shopfronts.

armor screen hurricane protection

Hurricane Screen Material

What are hurricane screens made of?

Hurricane screens are crafted from robust materials like polypropylene woven monofilament fabric. They also come in durable synthetic fabrics or metal mesh. These materials are selected for their ability to resist tears, stretching, and rust, making them highly effective against the force of flying debris and the severe weather conditions of hurricanes.

They and are mainly manufactured with a durable and resistant material known as Astroflex.

Astroflex materials are characterized by their resilience and flexibility, distributing impact forces evenly and minimizing damage to the property.

One key advantage of Astroflex is its transparency, allowing natural light to enter the property during a hurricane and keeping occupants informed of external conditions even when the power is out.

Astroflex is also easy to install on windows and doors, and can be removed and stored when not in use.

In summary, Hurricane Screens made with Astroflex are a dependable option to safeguard properties during hurricane season thanks to its durability, transparency, and ease of use.

harper's hurricane protection and screen enclosures

Strength and Durability of Hurricane Screens

Hurricane screens are exceptionally strong and durable. This is due to their fixed structures, which absorb the impact of debris and act like a trampoline, redirecting the energy elsewhere. By distributing the force from wind and debris across a large surface area, the impact is minimized.

In fact, many available hurricane screens surpass the minimum standards required for hurricane protection set by Florida's cities and counties. The continuous improvement in their development and design is based on data and lessons learned from past hurricanes in recent years.

How long do hurricane screens last?

Hurricane screen longevity is influenced by material quality, environmental exposure, upkeep, and usage frequency. Typically, quality screens endure 10 to 15 years. Proper maintenance and limited exposure to severe conditions can extend their life.

The robust synthetic fabrics or metal mesh used in these screens are durable and resist tears, stretching, and rust. They're built to handle flying debris and extreme weather, such as torrential rain and gale-force winds.

Yet, their durability can be compromised by constant UV radiation from sunlight or by corrosion in high-salinity coastal areas. Routine cleaning and inspection lengthen the screens' service life.

Adhering to the manufacturer's installation and maintenance instructions is crucial. Correct installation helps screens stand up to hurricanes. If possible, using them only during hurricane season may also preserve them longer.

In essence, with diligent care and adherence to guidelines, hurricane screens are a reliable defense for over a decade, representing a wise investment to protect against storm damage.

armor screen hurricane

Advantages of Using Hurricane Screens

There are numerous advantages to using hurricane screens. They offer flexibility and ease of use, as they can be easily fitted and removed as needed during hurricane seasons. Additionally, they can be conveniently stored in a garage or shed when not in use.

Some screens are transparent, allowing natural light into your property. This feature can be particularly comforting during a storm-induced power outage. Moreover, being able to see outside keeps you informed about the situation and when it may be safe to venture outdoors.

  1. Durability: Astroflex, made from premium materials, withstands hurricane conditions like high winds and flying debris, offering lasting protection.

  2. Safety: Astroflex screens significantly lower the risk of property damage and injuries by deflecting debris during storms.

  3. UV Resistance: Treated for UV resistance, Astroflex maintains screen integrity and appearance over time, unlike other materials prone to damage.

  4. Corrosion Resistance: Perfect for coastal homes, Astroflex resists saltwater corrosion, ensuring longevity and performance.

  5. Energy Efficiency: Astroflex screens shade and ventilate, reducing air conditioning reliance and cutting energy costs.

  6. Low Maintenance: Designed to be low maintenance, these screens resist mold and mildew, needing just occasional cleaning.

  7. Aesthetic Appeal: Sleeker than traditional shutters or panels, Astroflex screens blend seamlessly with any architectural design.

  8. Custom Fit: Tailored to any window or door, Astroflex provides personalized protection to meet specific needs.

  9. Ease of Use: Unlike fixed installations, Astroflex screens are easy to deploy or store, enhancing convenience and usability.

  10. Cost-Effective: Astroflex's durability, low maintenance, and effectiveness make it a valuable, long-term investment, potentially saving on future repair and energy expenses.

defender hurricane screen

Do hurricane screens really work?

Hurricane screens are effective in protecting windows and doors from strong winds and flying debris during hurricanes. They provide a protective barrier while allowing natural light to enter the property. It's important to select high-quality screens that meet the required standards for hurricane protection.

Can you see through hurricane screens?

Hurricane screens are transparent, allowing you to see through them. They are made of a woven material that provides visibility while protecting against strong winds and debris. The screens have small holes that enable you to see outside and allow fresh air to enter. Unlike solid shutters, which obstruct visibility, hurricane screens offer both protection and transparency. The tightly woven fabric ensures their effectiveness without compromising transparency.

hurricane screen mesh

Do hurricane screens keep water out?

Hurricane screens are designed to shield against the powerful winds and flying debris typically seen in hurricanes. They effectively prevent a considerable amount of water from seeping through windows and doors. However, these screens are crafted from a material that is about 9% porous, allowing for a slight airflow. This airflow can help maintain the building's structural integrity during a storm by balancing internal and external pressure. But, it also means that these screens let some water through and cannot serve as complete water barriers.

In summary, hurricane screens do a great job at keeping out most of the water and protecting against debris during storms, but they aren't entirely waterproof. Their main role is to guard against debris, with any water blockage being a secondary advantage. For total water protection, particularly in flood-prone or high-risk areas, additional precautions are necessary.

What is the best hurricane screen?

Astroflex is an advanced material, vital for building hurricane protection systems and waterproofing systems. It consists of a mixture of SBS polymers (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene), endowing it with remarkable elasticity and flexibility, even at low temperatures. Its resistance to thermal aging ensures a long lifespan under extreme weather conditions.

A key application of Astroflex is in the production of fabrics to protect against hurricanes. These fabrics are designed to block flying debris and drastically reduce the entry of water and wind through windows and doors. Its compliance with the Florida Building Code standards enhances its efficiency and reliability, making it a preferred choice for hurricane protection.

In conclusion, Astroflex stands out for its strength and versatility in meeting a variety of environmental protection and extreme weather needs. Its use in both hurricane protection and waterproofing, where high performance is demanded, confirms its position as one of the leading materials in its category.

How much do hurricane screens cost?

Giving you a price would be unprofessional, since each job must be quoted. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US without obligation to give you an estimate of your needs!

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