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We Are

Hurricane Fabric Specialist

Astroguard Hurricane Fabric

Astroguard by Total Hurricane features:

  • Category 5 Wind  Tested


  • Protects Against Wind-Borne Debris

  • Blocks high Wind and Rain

  • UV Resistant and Translucent

  • Rapid Deployment and Lightweight to handle

  • Compact for Easy Storage

When you’re concerned about the safety of your family as well as your home, our Hurricane Fabric Specialist will help ensure that you have everything you need to protect against high winds, flying objects, and water intrusion. 

Astroguard Hurricane Fabric

At Total Hurricane we believe in the strength of Astroguard, we have tested for years to get this product upstanding and exceeding our requirements. We have concluded that with this material and tested strength we believe you will be satisfied with your investment. Made of a high-tenacity nylon hybrid fabric coated with UV-resistant resin for extra protection, this cover can offer a highly efficient protection system for your property. 

Astroguard's hurricane fabric is the only product that will save your property during the strongest storms. Our storm protection is easy to assemble and install and lasts far longer than other types of protection like roll downs, metal panels, or last-minute plywood.

Astroguard can protect your windows without the high cost of impact windows, which at some point your insurance won't cover if they aren't destroyed.  Or can be used over impact windows to prevent an insurance claim after a storm because of damaged curtains.

With nearly twice the strength as other fabrics developed by other companies, our Hurricane Fabric has a burst strength of well over 1,500 lbs. Astroguard is approved for Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Our resin-coated hybrid fabric can prevent the rapid pressurization of the home, this rapid pressurization it's what causes the roofs to lift off and cause terrible damage to your property or someone else.


Hurricane Fabric Installation

Total Hurrican is dedicated to helping customers get ready for a hurricane and protecting your home with quality products. We believe that buying hurricane protection should be genuine and transparent. Our specialist will discuss the best solution based on your needs and budget. In addition, if you already have protection from another company, our specialist will make sure you are protected from any damage caused by the storm.

Not many people are familiar with Hurricane Fabric. We make it easy for you to deploy on last-minute notice. Our Hurricane Fabric Astroguard is lightweight, soft, and completely reusable, so you will never have to lift or carry heavy metal panels again!

With Astroguard you can fold panels into their storage bags and store them in a small place since they take very little room.

Our hurricane fabric shutters protect the pressurization of the house, preventing hurricanes from entering your home.

Hurricane Fabric how much does it cost?

Whether you are looking for hurricane or impact protection, AstroGuard may be the product for you. It is available in tan and white colors and major field modifications can be made if cut edges are heat-sealed. DIY pricing starts at $6.59 per sq. ft. and installed pricing generally varies between $10 and $15 per sq. ft


Fabric Hurricane Shutters

The Astroguard is specially designed to protect our entire home during a hurricane. It covers all openings, including the sliding doors, garage doors, windows, and other openings of your house. It helps keep objects out of your house & can block wind from entering through small cracks in doors or windows. If your windows and doors are cracked by air from a hurricane or flying objects, they cause pressurization. This can cause the roof to fly off the building, bringing objects into your home & making it unsafe. Astroguard will not blow away in a strong wind.

Hurricane fabric is suitable for commercial and residential use and is ideal for odd-sized openings like pergolas, porches, pool houses, decks, and more.

Our Hurricane Fabric will never leave you in the dark since it's translucent & lets light inside the property. It is a great idea to have storm and hurricane protection for your family!

Unlike other traditional shutters which will block incoming light, leaving you in the dark, our Hurricane Fabric is designed to let the light shine through.

Astroguard hurricane fabric has passed the Florida Building code approval #17661 and is also approved for Miami-Dade and Broward County.


All our Astroguard installations come with 10-year warranty. 

Find Out The Beauty and Strength of 

Fabric Hurricane  

Here are some benefits:


  • The Hurricane Fabric is made up of a strong and flexible fabric that can be easily installed in places where traditional shutters simply cannot be used. The fabric allows some light through while still providing the safety and protection you need in an emergency.

  • This fabric is 39% stronger than any other type of fabric on the market, offering a unique fabric unmatched hurricane protection. Our material will serve you for years to come. To ensure quality and satisfaction, our team of experts personally tests each piece of metal furniture in real-world situations.

  • Hurricane fabric is a great choice for your project, especially if you want to protect it from sun exposure. It is 100% UV resistant, which means that your hurricane protection curtain will not fade or discolor over time.

  • The Hurricane Fabric is made of a translucent fabric that allows you to see through your window and have full hurricane protection in place. It is lightweight and gives you the comfort of seeing out of your window.

  • The installation process of our fabric is easy and inexpensive. Just remove the sewn seam and install hurricane fabric.

  • This fabric is high-velocity hurricane zone approved, so you can use the product in many locations that are likely to suffer great dangers from injuries or damage as a result of heavy storms.

  • The fabric weighs less than 1/10 of an equivalent aluminum panel, making it incredibly easy to store when not used for weatherproofing or tornado-resistant shelters.

  • Easy handling and deploying for one person.

  • Astroward hurricane fabric is available in white and black, as well as tan. It can be folded and stored without any difficulties in small storage areas.

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